17 Easy Nail Art Tutorial: Try It by Yourself!

Nail art! Most of women all over the world must know about this nail decoration. There are so many styles and types of the nail art, which is, most of them somehow seem easy to do. However, in some cases, it is not as easy as it looks like. For some nail art styles, only the nail artists or the experts in the nail art are able to make it perfectly. Nevertheless, if you are not the expert, do not be disappointed, there is good news that there is a nail art tutorial that is extremely easy to do, even if it is your first trial, the percentage of success is high. Check it out this nail art ideas.

The Easy Nail-Art Tutorial

  1. Two-tone looks nail art designs
    As its name, you can make it from two different colors. In this tutorial, let’s pick up black and gold. First of all, polish your nail with black nail polish. Then, wait until it is completely dried. When it is dried, you can take a piece of net and spoons. Put the net on the top of your nail that painted with black polish, then take the gold nail polish and spot it on the spoons. Put the spoons with the gold nail polish on your nails that cover with net. Wait until it is dried, you can have two-tone nail art by the simple nail art tutorial steps.
  2. Bobby pin dotted cool nail art
    This nail art tutorial is one of the simple ones. You can pick two different colors of nail polish. Polish your nail with one color nail polish as like usual, and then, wait until it is completely dried. Then, using the bobby hairpin, spot another nail polish colors. You can spot the nail polish on your polished nail using the round-end of the bobby pin. Then, wait until it is dry, you can have nail arts with the spot on top of it.