16 Beautiful Nail Design Pictures Ideas

While you can easily find the nail designs pictures for free on the internet, have you ever wanted to be the one who shares those beautiful nail art pictures? If you ever want it so, you can prepare right now and start it up. Doing nail art is one thing, and taking good pictures of your nail art designs is another thing. Take the best picture ever, share it with everyone, and get ready to inspire others.

A plenty of experts or professional nail artists have uploaded the new nail art trends on the internet; you can also take part on this trend alteration by uploading your nail art designs pictures 2015. You can learn how to take good pictures of your nails by imitating the pose already uploaded by others; of course, you can also create your own pose to take nail designs pictures of your fingernails.

Tips for Taking Nail Designs Pictures

Before taking the pictures of nail designs, please note that, the picture quality depends on the lens that you use. It does not really matter whether you use a pocket camera or DLSR camera as long as you have good lens, you will get high quality pictures. Please, avoid taking pictures using your phone, the quality can be low, and sometimes you cannot control the focus.

  1. The camera type
    Either a pocket camera or DLSR usually has some preferences to set the camera on macro mode. By setting the camera on this mode, the lens will automatically adjust the focus. Your camera will know that you are going to take a close object so, the lens will adjust accordingly.
  2. Lighting and background
    Lighting and background is also important on taking images of nail designs. It is recommended that you take pictures outside the room on daylight. The natural light is much better than the light from camera flash.
  3. Crop and edit
    If it is necessary, you can crop and edit the picture as a finishing touch.