17 Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair Ideas

Natural hairstyles for short hair can be applied for kids, they can look seem neat and clean when their hair is styled lovely. Short haircut is very suitable to be applied for kids who are natural hair either boy or girl kids. Their performance seem simple and practice. They will do their activities like playing or moving easily without being disturbed by their hair. The short hair is easy to be treated and it’s easy to be washed as well as to be dried. There are many various short hairstyles that can be applied for them such as summer time fun, Curly cutey sue, Twisted Over You, and Racy Red.

For summer time fun, kids’ hair is bumped for extra body. This hairstyles match for all face shapes. To get the hairstyles, they can comb bangs forward. Beside that, they can flat iron to side. The style emphasize to curl the entire head of hair under. They can smooth their hair in one side back to get some accessories to make their hair seem pretty and lovely. Other short hairstyles that can be applied by kids with natural hair is Curly Cutey Sue. This hairstyles show that they achieve their natural popping curls hair. It is suitable for any face shapes. To style their hair by applying this hairstyles, they can use the smallest perm rod.

To get hairstyles that has sport and simple appearance, they can apply Twisted hairstyles. They seem with a simple half. Their hair is arranged with flat twisted edges. For such style, their hair can flat iron hair straight. And then, they should flat twist each side. If kids want perform with an easy breezy style, they can apply Racy red hairstyles. It is suitable to be applied in special occasion like birthday party and the others.