Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Most women who use the pink smokey eye want a number of effects that could create a cute impression. Smokey eye is one attempt to prettify the face so it can increase self-confidence. Self-confidence is one thing, but how can it look natural?

Perfect Natural with Pink Smokey Eye

How can we create smokey eye on natural style? That will not be easy because you can get stuck at a certain thickness. Thus, it is advisable to always check the details and lines around the circumference of the eyes.

  1. Along the eyelids, you mix the pink color. Still, note that it is not too far from the line over the eyes. You can take a third of the outer corner of the eye, and give shadow to the bottom lines.
  2. Let eyeshade blend naturally in your skin. Usually, there is a problem on dark circles around the eyes. You can add a little thickness to them.
  3. At the corner of the eye and brow bone, give white eyeshadow. For top eye lines, you can establish with liquid eyeliner.
  4. If you prefer, you can use fake eyelashes. Do not forget to clamp lashes and give mascara.
  5. Now, you already have the style you want. In a certain way, you can make a perfect style of the pink smokey eye makeup.
  6. What else is lacking? Of course, you should enhance your face makeup. Add the coloring cheeks and lipstick with a balancing color.

Now, you are ready with your new appearance. It is time to combine the right elements in makeup and your natural style. The best makeup will always be pursued through the appropriate balance and color options. Pink is a natural color that at least will not be difficult for you to explore. Also, you should wear clothing that fits on your makeup. Those are some steps that you can apply to the smokey eye makeup.