16 Ponytail Styles: Never Out of Fashion Hairstyles

The hairstyles that never go out of fashion are ponytail styles. This style is very versatile; and, there are endless ways to make your hair in ponytail styles: sleek, texture, perky and so on. This style is also very popular among celebrities; so many celebrities were spotted to have this hairstyle. This hairstyle perfectly fits for both casual and formal occasion. You should try it; it will absolutely give you an adorable hairstyle.

One of the reasons why this ponytail hairstyles becomes popular is that it is one of the most preferable hairstyles because it is simple, easy to do, fits for every occasion and needs a simple stuff to make it done. There are also many different ways to make it done; of course, it is also easy to make improvement depending on your creativity. In general, all you need to do is just pulling you hair away from your face and gathering it all at you back head. Then, you need to tie it up whether using an elastic rubber or other accessories, and done! All you need just brush and elastic, sometimes you may also need a bobby pin for ponytail styles for medium hair.

While the hairstyles for ponytails seem very common, there is a wide variety of hair styles you can combine in it, for example braid, bow, knot and etc. This simple trick is able to add a beautiful accent in your ponytail hairstyle. Here are several tips to add the cuteness in your ponytail ideas.

  1. Put a bobby pin to make sure that your ponytail and its additional styles stay in place the whole day.
  2. If you have a bow, braid, knot or any other style to add on your natural hair ponytail, make sure to secure the end of it by flipping the bobby pin on the hidden area.
  3. Instead of using several bobby pins, it is recommended that you use a goody spin pin to secure your hair style.