13 Pretty Nails Designs for Your Nail Art Inspirations

It is not secret that every woman in the world wants to have beautiful and long nails. This desire to have long nails is seen as a good business to open a nail art salon, as nowadays, decorating nails with a wide variety of colorful designs has become a trend. Instead of going to a nail art salon to have pretty nails designs on your nails; actually you can make it on your own. There are so many easy and simple nail art tutorials out there; they are not too difficult to follow. You can see the pretty nails art designs pictures, and see the step-by-step picture so you can understand the steps and try to follow them.

The Nail Inspirations to Make Your Own Pretty Nails Designs

There are so many nails polish styles that are simply made by two or more different nail polishes. All you need to do just mix and match them, whether you make it with the aid of some nail art tools or simply you just draw or spot nail polish into your nails. Here are some of the pictures that may inspire you to make your own. It will add an amazing look for your beautiful fingers.

  1. Black and White designs
    The simplest cute diy nail designs with the black and white colors are the black or white ones with added spots in contrast colors. Using one of these two colors as the background, you can add or draw objects on your polished nails. For example, you can draw ribbons, bunnies, cat faces, ying and yang, or shoes ropes. The strip styles in black and white also have stunning and cool looks.
  2. Glittery nail art designs
    The nail arts also can be done in a simple method. Polish your nails with certain colors, add glitter nail polishes on the top of it once the nail polished background has completely dried. You can use your creativity to achieve the most pretty nails designs on your fingers.