14 Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair to Expose Your Natural Beauty

The prom night is a big night for teens. When the prom night is approaching, the teen girls not only get busy with their dress, shoes and accessories, they also get busy with selecting what kind of hairstyle that they want to put on for the big night. Their attire, accessories and hairstyle usually express their young spirit, thus, it is not sticking to the classic hairstyle, which is reflecting the middle age woman styles. Sometimes, they get confused because there are endless possible hairstyles for the prom night, especially for those who have long hair. They can make it curl, leave it loose and wavy, make small updos, make a bun or braid, half up or down and so on. Those prom hairstyles for long hair can be combined each other to make a perfect hairstyle. Here are several tips to select the best-fit hairstyle for your big night.

How to Choose the Best Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

The hairstyles for long hair should match with your attire and accessories. In addition, the consideration of the facial features is also an important aspect to get the best hairstyle for your big prom night. You may wonder why the facial feature is an important aspect for choosing a certain hairstyle. You can imagine if the wrong hairstyle is created for the wrong facial shape, the result can be disaster. Because the hairstyle and the facial shape are predominately about geometry, when the geometry is not balanced, they will get the weird look instead of beauty.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage from your natural hair types, for example, the loose straight and shiny hairstyles are suitable for the prom updos for long hair, and this way you can save your time to manage your hair before the prom. In summary, the hairstyles for prom long hair should be highlight the character, expose the natural beauty and match with all the elements.