14 Great Short Hairstyles For Round Face Ideas

Short hairstyles for round face can become your inspiration in styling your hair. Women who have round face must be careful in choosing or applying a short hairstyle on their hair, because if they are false in choosing a hairstyle, it can make them seems wider or fatter. Every expert hairstylist always suggests cutting their hair according to their face shapes. When women who have round or wide face will cut or style their hair, they must pay attention some points like colors, volume and texture of their hair. For some particular person, the above main points is very important to be noted before starting to cut or style their hair either curly hair or straight hair.

Choose one of short hairstyle that can be able to make their face almost equal to the length of their face such as bob hair. For bob hair style, women can apply various models from the bob hair style. They can style their hair with graduate bob hair, it is able to make them seem more beautiful and seem younger. A layered bob hair style is suitable to be applied on their hair with little spike on top. And the layered bangs of the hair make them seem a bit longer. Then, they can choose a bob hair style that is layered at the sides and full top, this style is able to make them seem cool and charming and it is suitable for straight hair.

To get fantastic performance, they can style their hair with bob hair that applies side-swept bangs and voluminous top. Beside bob hairstyle, they can apply another style for their short hair. For example, their hair can be cut short on the sides with length at the temples. In the back part, the hair is cut shorter and in the front part, the hair is cut longer. At the top part, the hair is left long. A parting is applied with height on the top part. The hair decreases gradually in height and it is styled highest on the front.