11 Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Short natural hairstyles is one of solution for African and American women. Natural hair is difficult to be styled; it becomes problem for them who have natural hair, especially when the hair is getting dry and brittle. Commonly to solve the problem, they cut their hair shorter and wait for a new healthy hair comes. There are variety style for this natural hair with gorgeous short hairstyles like protective updos, twists, puffs, Mohawk and fauxhawks, and finger coils. Besides that, to get a Mohawk style, they must commit to arrange the sides of their hair shaved off. For their natural hair that is cut shorter, they can add bandana, hat or the others embrace headgear on your hair, it is very suitable for they who are in rush.

To style their natural hair that is curls, kinks and natural coil, they can arrange their hair with TWA short and sweet. The features of the hairstyles seem perfect for every woman’s face shape. A red highlight is applied on surface of their natural hair. The features seem teeny weeny afro and it is very suitable for going out at night. In such hairstyles, the natural hair is cut short to medium. The hairstyles is needed to be treated so that the texture of the hair seems beautiful and look luscious. After washing their hair, they should be better to arrange their hair neatly by using comb or a Denman brush as well as using their finger to style their hair. And then, they can use shower comb to help in detailing their natural hair.

Mohawk style for this natural hair consist in variety, one of them is Mohawk madness. Natural short hairstyles is suitable for all face shapes. And it seems perfect when it is applied on curly hair. The hair is style with short to medium length hair. Women who apply this Mohawk style on their natural hair seem cute coils and ringlets. To arrange their hair to resemble the style, you can section out rectangle in interior part of the head. Then, they should braid both sides of their hair according to their desires. To seal the features of the hair, they can apply light sheen on their hair.