16 Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair to Save Your Busy Morning!

Most of women love to have long hair, whether it is curl, wavy or straight. Long hair such a crown radiates the owner’s beauty. Moreover, having long hair means that there are also many hairstyles that they can make, such as different kinds of bun, braid, ponytail and so on. Nevertheless, these days, most of women are working that requisite them to start the day early, and most of them have busy morning because there are many things that they have to prepare in the morning. If you are one of those women, this article will give you several ideas that may inspire you to make simple hairstyles for long hair. This simple and easy hairstyle will save your time in the morning, yet enhancing your confidence by having stylist hairstyle.

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair for Active Women

  1. The three-strands waterfall braid
    Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, you can do this easy hairstyles for long hair within five minus once you get used to it. Thus, if you have spare time, you can try it and make yourself get used to make waterfall braid. It is simple hairstyle, yet stylist and keeps your hair in line all day long.
  2. The casual twisted ponytail
    Simple and easy, this hair ideas for long hair only takes less than five minutes to make it done. Take the side of your hair as the ponytail, from both side you will have two sections of ponytail. Twist one section and wrap into another and it’s done!
  3. Low knot
    Divide your hair into two sections, make knot twice and lock it with rubber band. This quick hairstyles for long hair also works for medium hair at any length.