14 Simple Nail Designs Recommended for Beginners

If you think that DIY nail art is not easy to do, you are totally wrong. As the nail art trend is getting more and more popular, many of simple nail designs have been released by experts. They are available online and free of charge, there are also a plenty of nail art tutorials that show the step-by-step procedure of creating nail art on your fingernails. Therefore, doing nail art on your own is not as difficult as you think, pay a short visit to the nail art tutorial website, and give it a try!

As a beginner, of course, it is not recommended that you follow the nail art that has a lot of objects on one nail. For the starting point, you may follow the super easy nail art ideas for practices as well as choosing the most suitable style that fits your nails. Especially, when you have short nails, you have to make list of simple nail art designs for short nails.

Simple Nail Designs for Short Nails

Talking about easy nail designs, actually there are a plenty of styles, which where the simplicity may differ for each person. However, among so many simple designs, there are two designs that are mostly recognizable as the real “simple” for most of people, especially beginners, to do the nail art.

  1. Two-tone nail polish with polka dots
    This is the first style that is categorized as a simple design. In order to create the style on your fingernails, simply you have to polish your nails with certain nail polish colors as the background, wait until it is dried completely. Once dried, you can start making dots with different nail polish colors. You can use teeth sticks, or use the edge of bobby pin to make simple dots.
  2. Two-tone nail polish with stripes
    The second simple cute nail designs are the two-tone nail polish with stripes. In order to make straight lines, you need something to aid while polishing your nails. You can use a sticky tape for this purpose. Polish your nails with certain colors as the background, then, once dried, stick the straight tape about half of your finger whether horizontal or vertical, then apply another color. When dry, remove the tape. This style is the best style for short nails, especially the horizontal stripes.