15 Marvelous Simple Toenail Designs Ideas

Hey, beautiful ladies! Here are a few simple toenail designs that you can apply to achieve that unique, gorgeous and archetypal look that will always make you stand out from the rest.


For an easy clean up, line up your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft glue before painting them if you want to paint to your nail, it can be a little messy, rub petroleum jelly on the skin near your nails or use a cotton swab. This creates a barrier between your skin and the polish and after you are through nail painting you can wash away any unwanted polish without uttering your nail art design.

Simple Nail Designs for Beginners:

  • Alternate the Colors:
    This is a very simple design but attracts a lot of attention. Just paint each nail with a different color. It needs very less effort and also is so simple to try.
  • Use polishes which are effective:
    There are a variety of effective nail polishes on the market today like Croc effect, magnetic effect, color changing polishes and crackle effect. You can easily use them for a different and quick simple toenail designs.
  • Water Decal/Nail wraps/Nail stickers:
    There are several nail arts which are readily available in the market today. Instructions on how to apply them are mentioned on them and are quite easy for those who are beginning with nail art.
  • The Dotting pedicure:
    It is actually the easiest and actually the first step towards achieving a free hand nail design. Dots look elegant and simple. You can commence by drawing dots on your nails and then to making flowers
  • The stripe Design:
    A stripe look is attractive on nails and to create them you only require a striper pen or you can create stripes using a thin brush.
  • Flower Design:
    They can be created using dots. Dots look stylish and uncomplicated. You can begin by drawing dots on your nails and then to making flowers.
  • Animal Nail art Print:
    Animal prints like leopards, zebras are actually very easy to do for a nail art and look very cute on the nails.
  • The Rhinestones Nail Art:
    Adding flashy to your nails is actually very easy. Rhinestones are the perfect nail art for a party function and or look.
  • Cartoon Design:
    Just use contrasting colors and sticks to get this set of design. Follow instruction here to achieve the best Cartoon design.
  • Caviar Design:
    You can achieve the Caviar design by using beads and a drying top coat.
  • Leaf Design:
    You can create this piece of Nail design using glitter and Rhinestones.
  • Christmas Design:
    Use beard to create the Christmas nail Art and Nail Art Brush to create the hat. The rest is very simple.
  • Polka Dot nail art:
    Although valentine is long gone this year, still you can wear the design throughout the year! And as pink is a cute color to apply irrespective of what the event or time is.

Have a great time trying out this simple design on your toenails and bring out the best. And also We’ve gathered the best simple toenail designs below, all of which I love, really.