13 Skull Tattoo Designs: The Best Collection












Indeed tattoos speak a language that brings out the wearer personality. Your character, thoughts and inner beauty comes alive on your skin. Talking about the tattoo’s meaning, sometimes it is very easy to catch and understand the meaning, but sometimes tattoo design has a hidden symbol. Therefore, it is better for you to know what kind of meaning is possessed by a certain tattoo design. While women usually look for a tattoo design that offers cuteness and femininity, men usually prefer tough impressions from their tattoos, thus skull tattoo designs are one of the tattoo designs that are suitable for men.

The skull tattoos for men is associated with fearless, it is known to be the symbol of rigid and power. Based on the ancient culture, skulls have been known as the vessel of the soul, and other beliefs as the wisdom of the ancestor. The tattoo designs are able to enhance your personality when you live your life by your own.

The skull designs for tattoos can be more creative when combined with other designs and symbols. You can also experiment with colors to make different looks. So many tattoo shapes can be combined with skull tattoos to make it cool. One of the skull tattoos that are combined with other components is sugar skull tattoo, which consist of the skulls and certain flowers, which have deep meanings in American Indian culture. In addition, there are also many skull tattoo categories, such as Tibetan skulls, rock and roll skulls and etc.

Reasons to Choose Skull Tattoo Designs

  1. Skull tattoo design is perfect in many areas on your body with striking designs.
  2. It is very appealing and symbolic.
  3. Although it fits to men, an additional feature is able to create feminine looks that make it also suitable for women.