17 Snowflakes Nail Art: Stunning Nail Art for Winter and Christmas

Snowflake shape is the shape that is easily found in the winter decoration. Its hexagonal shape is some kind of a small branch from its center that gives the best looks. This shape looks stunning when it is adapted on nail art, a snowflake nail art. As it is a winter-themed nail art, this style is very suitable to combine with winter outfit. During Christmas party, you can also apply this style on your nails.

As for the colors, it commonly comes in white and blue, which is with a blue background and snowflake objects drawn in white. While the snowflakes would always be white, you can use another color as the background, for example light green, light blue, purple or even black. The christmas nail design can also go in red and white colors, as it is also suitable for Christmas. If you want to try this style, you can read this article to the end; this article will give you the simplest step-by-step snow nail art tutorial to make stunning snowflake nail arts.

Snowflake Nails Art Step-By-Step Tutorials

  1. Begin with the base color as the background color
    As mentioned before, the base color for this snowflake design on nails is navy blue. However, you can choose another background color. Let the base color dry.
  2. Draw cross line
    Using a nail art brush, draw three lines that cross each other. You can choose a contrasting nail polish, such as white or silver.
  3. Add small slanted lines
    Add small slanted lines on each end of the lines that you just draw, and it starts resembling snowflakes
  4. Add little more detail lines
    In order to complete the snowflakes, add more detailed lines on the lines between the small slanted lines with the middle of the lines, it is recommended that you just add small detailed lines of three lines over six lines that you have.
  5. Seal with the top coat
    When you complete with the step number #4, let it completely dry. Then for the nail art for christmas finishing process, it is better to apply a transparent topcoat.