15 Straight Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Face shape

Want to have a fresh look? Having a new haircut is the fastest solution. Yes, you can have an instant fresh look when you do a haircut. Although it seems a small change, brand new you can easily be created by simply cutting your hair in a completely new style. The haircuts new trend can also be your choice, to keep update on your style and look trendy anytime. As for the new trend for 2015, the straight haircuts pop up, in the first three semesters of early 2015; this haircut is readily adopted worldwide.

In case on new looks, nothing can beat the haircut. There are a lot of gorgeous new hair styles for each hair type and face shape. The new trend of 2015, straight haircut styles, is the most common that fits well for every hair type and face shape. This haircut style then is known as straight hair haircuts 2015, and along the time, there are many style adjustments from this basic style, which then depends on personal taste which straight haircut you want to apply on your hair.

Different Styles of Straight Haircuts

Reflecting its name, this hairstyle is mostly used for someone with straight hair. However, as the trend has changed, the haircut styles for women are also adoptable for curly hair or another hair type. Here are several hair styles for straight haircuts:

  1. Long and silky looks hairstyles
    In order to have this kind of hairstyle, you can tease your hair on the top of year head with a comb or brush. Spray with a hairspray and secure it ponytail, then pin its side back with a bobby pin.
  2. Face framing hairstyles
    This is a simple hairstyle, yet, giving an attractive look. Simply you can blow dray your straight hair and smooth with an flat iron. Then, make sure you make bevel on the end of the hair.
  3. Round layer hairstyles
    This hairstyle refers to layer that is shorter in the front and it’s getting longer toward the back. This layered hairstyles makes your hair naturally push away from your face, unless you apply a certain hairstyles.