16 Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs that will Inspire You













Among so many tattoos that symbolize the death, the sugar skull tattoo comes with a very intense history. This tattoo design has a lot of meanings for the Mexican culture, and it has been universally approved that the sugar skull represents the day of the dead. The ancestors, who have passed away, are usually represented by the sugar skull made of clay mold, which is well painted and decorated. The name of the ancestor who passed way is added to the forehead of the skull. This clay is molded in sugar skull and then placed on the gravestone. This encouraged the represented one to come back on the day of the dead.

The Intense Meaning behind Sugar Skull Tattoo

In case of design, the sugar skull tattoo usually contains a lot of details. It also contains color tattoos, which make these tattoo designs always come in medium to moderate size tattoos. If the tattoos are too small, the detail decoration cannot be painted well and it declines its charm.

Talking about the meaning behind the sugar skull face tattoo , there are many symbolic meanings from this design. It can be death, remembrance, return or the symbol of spirituality. In bound with the Mexican culture history, the sugar skull tattoos are often seen together with a flower. This flower is called marigold, the flower that commemorates the dead. However, in the modern design, any kind of flower is acceptable. Generally, this tattoo design has more than one color, which some experts said that it mostly contains a minimum of four colors. If you want to have this sugar skull tattoo, you can decorate the skull with the flower that combines yellow orange and red color, to make your tattoo stand out and much more beautiful.