12 Summer Toe Nail Designs Ideas

So far, you cannot make the best style of summer toe nail designs. Indeed, there are some examples that you can emulate to beautify your toenails. In just a few steps, you can make a beautiful combination of colors and sizes.

Simple Summer Toe Nail Designs

Why choosing beautiful summer nail designs? At certain times, you can not use the same style with the previous season. After all, summer will make you move with high intensity. Typically, people spend a lot of time on this season. At the same time, women also want to look beautiful with such a style in the summer.

So, to beautify your toenails, do the following steps:

  1. You can see some examples of toe nail designs for this summer. But, if you want a perfect result, you must ensure that the condition of your nails is well prepared. Make sure if your nails have been cleaned and are in dry conditions. Meanwhile, the surface of the nail should be fairly flat and smooth. Use the nail buffer to help flatten the surface of the nail. You can use a special nail clippers or cream.
  2. Use a base coat simply by applying a thin layer. After that, wait for a few minutes in order to spread the base coat untill completely dry. Continue by applying nail polish carefully, either from the middle or from the side.
  3. You must wait for the first coat to dry, so you can add a second layer. Whatever your design, you must perform each step carefully.
  4. To prevent peeling, you should use a top coat.

The final step is to soak the toe nails into the cold water. It is to speed up the freezing process so the nail polish hardens faster and more durable. That’s it. Make your best choice of summer toe nail art designs.