13 Awesome Tattoo Designs for Your New Look














Tattoos are loved by either men or women. For women, tattoos are exotic and outstanding items that are engraved on the body. It is also the subject of fashion statement. It can define or express the owner characters and personalities. Pretty and chic tattoo designs give the fascinating and long lasting impression in the mind. Getting the tattoos done on the certain areas is also important to show the charm of the tattoos. Here are several different areas on the body where tattoos are mostly engraved. Certain areas, such as arm, leg, neck and back also have certain tattoo designs that suit those areas the most.

Tattoo Designs and the Best Part of Body to Have Them On

The first popular area to get the tattoo done is the neck. The neck tattoo will look good for those who have a long and slender neck. The neck tattoo looks versatile and it gains popularity these days because of its originality and visibility. Indeed, a neck tattoo is a perfect choice for those people who want to stand out in the crowd. The tattoo designs for the neck tattoo can be anything you are interested in, however, a small tattoo such as butterfly, star, rose and so on is the most suitable design compared to the bulky one.

The tattoo area that maintains its popularity for years is the arm area. Mostly the tattoo is placed on the biceps or triceps, the tattoo ideas quite many, from the band, wire, thorn or other motifs. It is usually used for both men and women; this area has been the mainstay tattoo area for years because of its versatility and discreetness. The tattoo designs around this is area usually marked as an alternative arm band, thus, the tattoo designs usually resemble a bracelet or an arm band.