Tattoo Images of Animal and Their Meanings







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So many animal profiles are adapted as the tattoo images. Those profiles come in various designs, styles and possess certain meanings. Based on the cultural background, myth and mystical story, each tattoo profile represents a different symbolic meaning. This article will present several tattoo images that come from animal profiles.

Tattoo Images Inspired by Animals

  1. Bird Tattoo
    Bird is a flying animal, which is associated with freedom. The tattoo images symbolize the desire to be free. It also expresses the reality to overcome the difficulties and challenge in life. The amazing thing from the bird tattoo is that it has a different meaning for different bird species. Universally, the tattoo design represents the soar through life.
  2. Cat tattoo
    Cat tattoo generally creates a cute image on its wearer, thus it is suitable for girls tattoo. It is a symbol for animal lovers, in particular cat lover. The cat eye tattoo symbolizes the sharp sight which is based on the mythical history; the cat eye tattoo represents the supernatural power that is able to see things that common people cannot see. The cat eye tattoo is suitable for both girls and boys.
  3. Butterfly tattoo
    This tattoo is often associated with the soul, which represents the spiritual view and realm. Butterfly also the strong symbol of transformation, because butterfly undergoes transformation from caterpillar into beautiful butterfly. Therefore, this will be the best tattoo for those who have endured the hardship, or struggling through the hard live.
  4. Koi Fish tattoo
    Besides having a unique design, the koi fish tattoo also has a bright color. This bright colored fish is one of the popular symbols that are adapted from fish. This tattoo design is associated with luck, love, strength and positive energy. Based on ancient Chinese culture, the koi fish represents the way to striving your dream, good luck and fortune.

You can also see a collection of Tattoo Images below that we collected from various sources. Choose the best and that you like to you can be an idea for your new tattoo.