15 Unique Nail Designs that Fit Every Occasion

All women in the world want to have a perfect look; they try to perfectly mix and match their outfit and accessories, and even the details such as polishing their nails. Polishing nails has become a new trend recently, while about ten years ago, nail art salons are not common; in these recent years, you can find nail art salons almost in every downtown all over the country. They offered services related to decorating the nails with polish, from the simple designs to unique nail designs.

If you have short nails, you do not have to worry whether certain designs will fit to your nail shapes or not. The nail arts are available in a wide variety of designs and styles, so there would also be unique nail designs for short nails, which you can apply to your nails if you have short nails. The unique nail art designs, specially designs for short hair, whether the object shape, length, wide and color combination will be perfect for short nails.

Unique Nail Designs for Short Nails

  1. Tiny polka dots
    Tiny polka dots are one of the unique and cute nail designs that look best for short nails, the smaller the dots, the better the look. You can make the dots using tiny bobby pins, and randomly spot the dots into the nails that are already polished with the background nail polish color.
  2. An easy vertical strip
    The vertical strip makes your short finger look longer. Simply, you can polish your nail with certain nail polish colors; wait for a while until dry. Then, you can put a cut tape into your nail, then add another nail polish color. You can use silver or gold for the second color, the glittery nail polish is also recommendable for the unique nail art designs.