13 Western Fashion Inspirations

Western fashion commonly happened in clothing style either for men or women under influence of western world. Western clothing style can be chosen from classic style to modern style. The classical clothing style can be looked at cowgirl and cowboy style. For women, the classical western performance and style consist of cowgirl boots and dress. Besides that, women can follow the country western style like using jeans and shirt completed with cowboy boots. Now, the boots are available in various styles for working in the barn, for daily activities, for riding and even for in street.

A country that becomes center of the western style is America. Now, in modern era, people follow the modern western style starting from clothing, accessories and shoes. Commonly, in spring, people wear clothing and its accessories that have bright colors and comfortable fabrics. They wear jeans to seem funky like colorful fedoras jeans. For women, it can be designed with flower on the jeans and for men; it is designed with plain motif. The jeans is mixed and matched with denim that has bright color and pop style like high waist pair of cutoff. Peep toe booties make your performance seem perfect in spring.

The western style can be also applied in summer. Women can wear a flow summer dress like graphic tee that is designed with a catchy long sleeve and their performance is completed by accessories like a turquoise statement ring or a long necklace. The jewelry accessories make them seem adorable. For modern style, they can use a little handy bag that is crossed to their body. It shows a simple and adorable performance. To seem perfect in western fashion, they can apply western makeup. They also can use a swipe of bright lipstick on their lips and use colored clay bronzer blush to make your life more colorful.