What to Wear with Brown Boots?

Hey, lovely ladies! Are you wondering what to wear with brown boots? More than 10000 years old men were used to wear sandals, although they were intricately woven but well functional and also stylish in design. Since the era when men lived in tribes to the present modern age men have been searching and trying to bring the more style and comfort in footwear.

According to the psychology research, although shoes covers only 5% of the human body but contribute mainly upt0 30 % in visual judgment of any persons taste and style. So instead of getting many low quality pair of shoes, one well maintained and nice pair of shoes must be part of your footwear closet.

Black or brown: in the past few decades the classy trend of wearing only black colored shoe has been changed and now different colors of shoes has been available from many famous brands. Similarly the brown boots are also available in different shades of brown ranging from dark tan to camel brown in many different shapes and style for both men and women. Brown boots are considered to be more stylish as it is also a natural color of leather and they really add make you stand out of the crowd if well cared and maintained.

Now, as the point comes that what to wear with brown boots. The answer to this question can be divided for both men and women separately. Some of the combinations to wear with brown boots are mentioned below


Trousers: Trousers add a lot in the men’s appearance as the waist to ankle the large portion of man’s body is covered by pants, when it comes about brown boots, khaki trousers are on the top of the list. Brown boots look good with all light and dark colors of trousers. For dark colored trousers, dark shades of brown shoes may look better than lighter ones.

Shirts: Formal shirts in neutral, dark or light color support brown boots. When going to wear brown boots do consider that your shirt, whatever color or shade you choose should be in contrast with your trouser.

Suits: the best contrast suit with any shade of brown boots is gray, then any light colored suit of your choice.

Belt: Do not put on the black colored belt with brown boots. It is the biggest mistake most men make. Have you ever noticed any super hero in formal dress? The same color of the belt and shoes reveals about how you carry yourself in style.

Socks: Although socks are not much visible part of men’s dress but they do add a lot to men personality .Dark pair of socks look goods with brown boots. For a classy appearance choose socks that match the color of your shirt. Bright color socks must be avoided with brown boots.


Women have so many things and styles in footwear, but a pair brown boots are considered a must whether you enjoy walking in the open field or horse riding or not. Although there are so many options ranging from over the knee, flat, pointed toe, anklets are available, but the quality of the shoes is must also in case for women as it will preserve your feet if you take care of it. Depending on the style and your personal preference a classic brown boots are must if you are enthusiastic about boots.

Neutral cozy knits and brown ankle boots: This is the one of the most gorgeous and perfect looking combination these days. You can wear this combination for a casual fun or walk with your friends.

Knee brown boots with skinny jeans: Brown boots up to knee has always been in fashion with dark blue jeans, white shirt and in winter it can be added with a navy blue blazer as well.

Over the knee brown boots with fine leather jacket: In winter for bringing out your beautiful winter look black/brown leather jacket may enhance your style and fashion. It also looks good with plain light or dark colors of the sweater.

Hope these outfit ideas will help you re-boosting your image.